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World of Greywyn Second Edition

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World of Greywyn was first released in November 2015. What started as a simple campaign setting has evolved into its own rich, complex world complete with interesting characters, locations, and unique lore.

This Core Setting is the first installment in the World of Greywyn Second Edition. This new version of the setting  features characters, items, and new locations that extend beyond the borders of the original release.

As these details unfolded it was necessary to make a few map changes, but nothing that should prevent you from using it alongside your existing "Core Setting 1.0” campaigns. A full changelog is included in the Core Setting book.

What else is new? Characters! The new Character System lets you play as a Warrior, Mage, Archer, or Rogue. The system is simple for both beginners and for players who just want to get on with the quests without spending too much time on character creation. It is also flexible enough to mix and match with your own rules.

We have also added NPCs to many locations in Greywyn, and you’ll find several of them included here that your players may encounter in their quests.

The World of Greywyn Second Edition: Core Setting package includes:

  • New locations & towns
  • Character classes
  • Adventure hooks
  • Expanded lore & world data
Items included in your download:

PDFs & other digital items:
  • Core Setting Book
  • Player's Guide PDF
  • Map: Continent of Systria
  • Map: Kingdom of Greywyn
  • Character Journal w/Character Sheets

(*Note: All books & maps are downloadable PDF documents, not a physical book)

I hope you enjoy World of Greywyn for years to come!

*Game Engines/Rule Systems/Combat Systems

It's important to note that Greywyn does not include its own rule system and isn't dependent on any specific game engine. There are many rule systems available that you can adapt to Greywyn. You should also consider the Character System "experimental" and evolving - there will be iterative updates to this product as I refine these features.
You will get a ZIP (179MB) file

Included in Your Download

Core Setting PDF

The 46-page Core Setting book expands on the locations and lore in the 1.0 setting, and also features brand-new locations, NPCs, and more.

Player's Guide PDF

Discover the new character classes in Greywyn, and learn how to create your new characters. Also includes an overview of the available factions.

Character Journal PDF

Print out the handy Character Journal to keep details of your adventures. Printable Character Sheets and inventory pages are included!

Updated Locations

Plain of Sorrows

A beautiful realm, but for the eyesore that is the Plain of Sorrows, which still bears the scars of an ancient war.

The Forge

The region known as The Forge has been expanded and updated in the Second Edition.

World of Greywyn Region Map 1